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Hello, my name is Kimmo

What You See Is What You Get

Technology & Business generalist

my name is Kimmo
Technology & Business Generalist
What You See Is What You Get

I’m a

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passion for literally
everything I do

My passion and knowledge is digitalisation. I want to be on the leading edge in the world which is digitalizing with huge speed, not only as a consumer but as an influencer what kind of services we are developing, and how companies utilize digitalisation in their business.

I am

All-in-one combination of growth and sales-oriented leader, program, project, partner and people manager, marketing professional, designer and technology enthusiast with distinguished track record in various roles.

Result driven, innovative and energetic person who likes to challenge and to be challenged with ability to grow business, change processes, ways of working and drive new ideas.

Team leader and member with passion and positive spark

with 17+ years of expertise.





#Partner & Account Management

#Customer experience

#Team management





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Personal qualities


Excellent networking, communication and presentation skills


Team leader and team player with positive spark


Professional responsibility and loyalty, keeping promises and deadlines


Consistently and effectively producing creative new ideas


Understanding numbers and leading with data and facts


Learning new areas and taking new challenges sounds perfect

Contact details

Name: Kimmo Karimäki
Phone: +358 50 4871 501
Date of birth: 23rd October 1983
You can’t do a good job if your job is all you do.
Extreme Weather: Trailer
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What ever I am doing, it is actually always us 🙂 Together with Jaana we like to go movies, listen good music, go out with our dog Rocky, and building our house together. We have been doing that for over a decade already!
Building a house
”A bit” of my free time goes to my hobby – to build our house. After 7 years of finding a plot, we started this new hobby. I designed and 3D-modeled the house myself and I am almost doing it also by myself. Not without its challenges, so far during this project, 3 constructors went bankrupt so I have started to use more reliable workforce 🙂 as you can see in video.
Savage Kingdom
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I am a dad!
What odds! Week 19 2020 was definitely a week to remember. First time as a dad 🙂 and three days after loosing my job due to COVID-19 impacts. Next year I will only remember the first one! Btw. how do you like the shirt I created for the kid?
Planet Earth II
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Spending time with family
Projects and life are much more fun when you can share the experience. Dad has been helping me at the construction site but as he belongs to risk group, now it is time to help via Skype!
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Work experience

Let’s change the world together, shall we.

Proven skill to

succeed in different industries and change fields of business.

  1. Good track record from various roles with more than twenty recommendations
  2. Leading globally rapidly growing IoT-TICKET® SaaS business
  3. Generated roughly half a million new business within a year in HappyOrNot
  4. In a year grew two of my personal HappyOrNot partners outside top 10 into top 3 HappyOrNot sales partners in Europe, and established Poland as a significant HappyOrNot business country
  5. Invented user interface patents in Nokia
  6. Productised succesfully a new software as a service (SaaS) in Leanware
  7. Marketing materials and messages created by me were used in executive level presentations and speeches publicly in Nokia
  8. Lead teams with personal touch which gave long lasting friendships
  9. Multiple successful projects in different industries
  10. Fast graduation from university with good grades
  11. Gained skills, networks and views inside and outside technical industry
  12. Evolved and grew as a person, leader, team player and in my profession
  1. Good interpersonal, communication and networking skills
  2. Translating complex and technology driven topics into sales, consumer needs and decision factors
  3. Managing programs, projects and people in competitive and rapidly changing business environment
  4. Thinking out of the box, innovating new ideas, changing processes, challenging status quo, and creating stunning presentations
  5. Ability to generate sales and build lucrative partnerships
  6. Keeping always customer, product and end user in mind
  7. Combining understanding of software development and sales
  8. Using analytical mindset to lead with numbers
  9. Seeing the big picture and being a generalist
Kate Heath
Global Vice President, Channel Sales at HappyOrNot
Direct manager
Working with Kimmo has been an absolute pleasure and an honour. He is one of the brightest, creative and thorough people that I have had the privilege to work with. His dedication to his work and his partners was always apparent and his motivations for getting the best for them and the business were always at the heart of his business negotiation.

Kimmo has an excellent acumen for business planning, a great mathematical and analytical mind that can be utilised to evolve a business function, grow a team and indeed support the strategies of a business.

Whilst managing Kimmo he excelled at sales, bringing in some of the most prominent customers and continuously engaged and ensured his partners and customers received the highest possible levels of collaboration.

I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Sanna Vaittinen
Director, Customer Success at HappyOrNot
Direct manager and colleague
Kimmo is really a multi-talent. He is a unique combination of strategic thinking and hands-on doing. He codes, draws, writes, calculates, analyzes, collaborates, sells – you name it.

If you want to develop your business and do not accept status quo – Kimmo is your man. He questions things, suggests improvements and bases his thinking on numbers and data. He has the nature of an entrepreneur meaning he does not count hours, he does not get stuck with roles – he does, what needs to be done to make the business bloom.

Kimmo is an excellent sparring partner and great fun to work with. I have been amazed by his skills in data analytics and data visualization, customer centric thinking and communication – wait until you get to see one of his presentations!

Lately he has shown his strengths also in sales – in fairly short time he was able to build relationships with sales partners and coach them to achieve great results.
Elli Yli-Hemmo
Channel Director, Southern Europe at HappyOrNot
It was a great pleasure to work with Kimmo at HappyOrNot Channel Team. From day one I could realize that he is the guy with whom you want to work. He is very openminded, transparent, and honest. I am amazed by his technical skills and analytical mindset.

He is a multi-talent and can easily adapt to various roles. He has been successfully leading his channel partners with excellent sales results and has been able to build trust in his team. He is a developer with a great sense of humanity.

He is a great asset to any company and I can highly recommend him for various positions from sales to product development.
Heidi Sirèn
Channel Partner Success Manager at HappyOrNot
Colleague and team member
I have been honored to work closely with Kimmo at HappyOrNot. Kimmo has showed up super analytical skills by creating analysis, forecasts and reports (scale everything between best and the worst scenarios).

He is an amazing strategic leader who can always step into another person shoes and gives perfect visibility for all scenarios. Also, it’s amazing how you always help new employees get up to speed.

Thanks, Kimmo, for your capability to always find a way to get everything done – and done well! You’re so great to work with.
Kristiina Ilkka
Customer Success Manager at HappyOrNot
Kimmo is analytical and target oriented sales person with great team spirit. I had pleasure to work with him in various European markets ensuring best possible support for HappyOrNot’s resellers and customers.

He made sure they succeeded in getting new business and retaining existing customers.

I can warmly recommend Kimmo for any sales role where strategic thinking and innovation is needed. He’s really fun to work with!
Pekka Laaksonen
Channel Director, Nordics & MEA at HappyOrNot
I had a great experience working with Kimmo in Channel Sales Team.

The fact is, you can trust Kimmo. He says what he thinks, and his thinking is brilliant. He takes reality as it is and has no need to pretend anything. This is why it’s so easy to work with him.

Kimmo has a rare combination of strengths: he understands both people and technology exceptionally well. He knows how to use technology and communicate in order to make an impact.

Kimmo is also a true problem solver. When you present him a problem, soon he comes back with a solution.
Ilona Sokeila
Industry Advisory Lead at Tieto
Member of my team
If I had to choose one person in the world who’s passionate about his work it would be Kimmo.

He’s the guy who achieves and exceeds his goals, learns fast, is creative, solves problems and makes things happen.

The frosting on the cake is he’s also really fun to work with. I’d love to work with Kimmo again.
Jari Mäkelä
VP, Head of digital channels at Nordea
Direct manager
Kimmo is good at understanding customer needs in detail. Thanks to his customer focus, technical skills and design experience he is able to provide world class solutions which outperform the expectation level.

I was pleased to have Kimmo on my team several years and can warmly recommend him to project management or concept design role where great end user services are produced.
Toni Takomo
Product Owner & SW Team lead at Ponsse
Direct manager
I was privileged to have Kimmo as Preload Program Manager in Partner Application Delivery team. Kimmo worked really hard to set the example for his team – he lead the Lumia Apps delivery team from the front line with a very enthusiastic drive.

Kimmo is good in establishing new networks, works very independently and delivers good quality results with really nice looking reports and materials.

I enjoyed working closely with him and in my opinion every team should have an asset like Kimmo.
Johanna Majakangas
ICT Manager at MPY
Project golleague
I had a great opportunity to work with Kimmo in a project where we created Product Dashboard with several KPI’s.

Kimmo is very skilled, multi-talent with excellent ”Nothing is impossible” attitude. He is excellent at understanding business needs and driving them to actionable items. Good at communication and building great team spirit.

I would anytime work with Kimmo in a same Project again.
Marina Kuznetsova
Release Manager at Nets
Member of my team
I had a truly great experience working as a part of Lumia Application Delivery team, which was led by Kimmo. Consummate professional with client-oriented mindset, highly efficient and flexible in a fast-paced environment, Kimmo also possesses strong leadership skills.

Always supportive and willingly taking the responsibility, he inspired the whole team with his enthusiasm and outgoing personality.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kimmo, as I believe he would be a valuable asset to any company!
Atro Vuorilehmus
Project Manager at PB-Group Finland Oy
I worked with Kimmo on same Preload App delivery team, providing technical support for him and his team. Kimmo is very energetic person with can-do attitude. He is very positive person and do try always improve both tools and processes.

I personally liked to work with Kimmo very much and would not hesitate to hire him for any job requiring attention to detail, diligence, continuous learning and improvement.
Carolyn Allen
Associate Director, Program Management at BD
Project colleague
Kimmo is a dedicated, knowledgeable and talented individual who was a key contributor to the success and high quality of the product I managed at Nokia.

He is a very motivated individual willing to work across time zones and at inconvenient hours, with quick turn-around times and great insight to customer needs.

I recommend him without hesitation and would consider myself fortunate to work with him again in the future. Kimmo will be a great asset to any team or company who is lucky enough to work with him.
Mukul Saklani
General manager at Innovative Education Council
Member of my team
I had the fortune to work with Kimmo for 2 years in the Developer Experience (DX) organization. On day one itself he came along as a highly result oriented colleague, a very focused on the targets employee and a great team player who always smiled and made work a fun place to be at.

He soon graduated to a team lead position easily, we started as colleagues and stayed friends post the new roles we progressed in our careers.

I can always recommend Kimmo as an asset to any team or company he works at especially due to his amazingly hands on experience in many more technical areas than just his immediate work!
Harri Laitinen
Product Manager at Qvantel
I had a priviledge to work with Kimmo in a large-scale dashboard project. He’s a highly skilled multitalent professional with a clear business focus & can-do attitude.

Always energetic & positive. Liked very much to work with him.
Topi Virkki
Resource Manager at Fortum
Project colleague
Kimmo is effective and highly skilled professional who delivers amazing results.

Kimmo is also a great colleague to work with: Kimmo is always positive, giving lot of good ideas and ensuring the set business objectives are met.

He is a great asset to any team.
Janne Lampila
Principal Consultant at GREITCO
I had the pleasure of working with Kimmo in my previous project! He is very skilled in various different areas such as: understanding and prioritizing customer requirements and needs, managing stakeholder interaction, always addressing challenges and business problems in a constructive manner and the overall passion for quality and meeting business targets on schedule.

Great asset for any project!
Katriina Maanoja
Marketing Manager, Team Lead at Trimble
Kimmo and I worked together at Nokia Technology Marketing where he was responsible for marketing messages and materials on Nokia UIX, highlighting the beauty and simplicity of the user experience.

Kimmo is a creative, intelligent and hard-working colleague with extremely high standards regarding the quality of his work. He is a joy to collaborate with and I’m happy to recommend him to any similar position!
Jarkko Ylikoski
Member of the Group Executive Board at Hogrefe
Kimmo was working with me on marketing materials on Symbian user experience: animated videos, demos, presentations. He was always full of energy and full of great proposals for visualisation.

He did work hard to meet both the deadlines and the high quality targets.

Easy to recommend.
Savannara Kong
Marketing Program Manager at Allytics
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kimmo on various occasions at Nokia, specifically on Symbian-related marketing materials. Along with his vast knowledge in technology and UI marketing, Kimmo is well-crafted in graphic design.

Kimmo always strive for the best with his work and the whole process in general, never settled for anything less for his deliveries. Thinking outside the box is one of Kimmo’s strong areas.

If your team is looking for a person with an outstanding background in marketing, visual creation and a fun personality, Kimmo is your man.
Satu Stolt
Marketing Manager at Marioff
Kimmo has an excellent skills and competencies in any design work you could imagine and also in the user experience field.

He is also very keen on learning how to talk and market to consumers. I had the pleasure to work with Kimmo through many UI projects in the past two years.
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Work experience

Work experience

Wapice Ltd. | SaaS growth & leadership


In Charge of IoT-TICKET® unit in Wapice Ltd. Responsible for revenue generating operations, IoT-TICKET® business unit development, and sales targets toward increases revenue, pricing, and revenue management.

#Revenue and growth
#Organisation development

HappyOrNot | Sales


Generating new sales, building partnerships and helping companies to grow with Customer eXprerience. Responsible for creating a partner strategy, portfolio and programme ensuring HappyOrNot growth. Setting targets, quotas and goals to the partners ensuring success for both them and HappyOrNot.

#Partner & Account Management
#Program management
#Customer experience
#Employee experience
#Team leading

Leanware | Product development & Marketing


Leading the productisation, marketing and comms. of Leanware’s first cloud-based Warehouse Management System. Account manager and Product Owner for industrial companies in Finland. As a bonus, leading agile development team, running webinars and educating stakeholders.

#Productisation & process development
#Product development and R&D
#Account & project management
#Team leading
#Agile development

Microsoft | Quality


Leading the project of defining new software quality standard for Microsoft Phones. Responsible for defining top applications’ quality statement for each device ready for sales review, including possible risks and overall application quality recommendation for device approvals. Leading a global team of experienced project managers in four different locations.

#Team leading
#Risk assesment
#Process development
#Partner & account management
#Program and project management

Nokia | Various organisations


Various roles in Nokia from Software developer, to User Experience Designer, and from Marketing Manager to Senior Program Manager and Project Management team lead. Learned from real professinals to be a technology generalist with knowledge from all the angles of User and Customer Experience. Gained strong knowledge in various sectors.

#Team leading
#Marketing & communications
#User experience design
#Concepting & visualisation
#Program and project management
#Software and process development