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Microsoft corporation

Senior Manager, Quality

Leading the project of defining new software quality standard for Microsoft Phones. Responsible for defining top applications’ quality statement for each device ready for sales review, including possible risks and overall application quality recommendation for device approvals.

Analyzing and reporting quality, statistical data, user feedback, issues and news of top applications in device portfolio level. Weekly basis created analysis report for Phones Leadership Team top management.

Conceptor and Project manager of telemetry, big data and traditional test results based
ready for sales decision dashboards and physical control and situation room.

On top of quality, analyzing and reporting, representing Phones Quality in Universal Windows Platform Bridge defining quality gates for Microsoft Phones portfolio.

Program Manager & Project Management team lead

Leading a global team of experienced project managers in four different locations.

Prioritizing projects, defining processes, ways of working and allocating project management resources based on business needs.

Responsible for all Windows Phone pre-installed partner applications globally, ensuring that every device has pre-installation plan and controlling it is executed as planned.

Working with the biggest and most recognized software and mobile application companies in the world making sure that hundreds of applications shipped with devices meet demanding schedules, have good quality and contracts are negotiated in time and signed correctly.


#Team leading

#Risk assesment

#Process development

#Partner & account management

#Program management

#Project management

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